Three tips to help with affiliate monetisation

Monetisation within affiliate marketing content is crucial. Not every visitor will play for real money on your site, but if if you are aware of the quantitive ratio of visitors and gamers, you will be able to build a ‘purchase funnel’, which will give you the power to be able to calculate the costs of each player or regular customer.

It can also be important to determine which sources provide the most high-quality traffic into your site.

  1. Everything is centred around data and reporting

The affiliate and digital worlds have always been extremely data rich. The amount of sites which are not being able to measure the commercial performance of their site traffic is still  surprising. The key is being able to understand what specific things are improving revenues and driving sales. Adding content to your site is key for SEO but understanding what actually moving the needle and is beneficial for your audience is key.

A good and simple way to keep track of all the traffic coming into your site is through Google Analytics. This will allow you to understand what sections of your content are the most popular, and it is a very easy to implement. There are other tools available of course but start with the one’s that are readily available first. The more your site grows the more technology you can place on top of the platform to help you monetise it better.

2. Remember how valuable, value added content is

Although this may seem like a given, it’s unbelievable how many sites do not understand the meaning of this. When writing content, it is vital to be able to focus your content on a question that needs answering. Nine times out of ten, someone is searching something because they need an answer. If you answer their question to their full satisfaction, then they will more than likely return back to your site for the next question they have.

The affiliates who succeed and grow strong communities around their brands are the one’s that understand the entire player cycle, they are not just in the business to drive traffic from one site to the next they are building. brand, a community and a place that encourages repeat visits.

3. Always Keep any eye on the conversation

As we are now in the age of influencer marketing, one of the things that tends to come up frequently from influencers is the importance of promoting brands that are only a good fit for themselves, and for their followers.

The same process should be used by content sites – a brazen promotion will jar with your users and will not reach the same levels of engagement.  Not all sponsored placements are a waste for your site, however it’s important to ensure that they are done in the correct way. So ensure you find the perfect influencer for your brand, and build campaigns that can engage and resonate with your audience. Using social listening tools like Social Bakers can help you find pockets of audiences that would be a good fit for the content you are writing and posting to your sight. If you are engaging these audiences you can create paid sponsor placements to monetise your content better.

If you’d like to learn more about content marketing and how to monetise your website better, join us at the Digital Marketing Forum on the 18th September in London. You’ll hear expert strategy, learn new digital trends and network with brands that are serious about growing their affiliate relationships.

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