Three benefits of integrating search and social

Being prominent both in search engine results and on social media are vital for building brand awareness online. These days, however, they no longer stand alone from one another. 

Whether it be through direct or indirect means, integrating your strategy for both channels can lead to a boosted online presence and enable better strategies to be developed. 

In this blog post, we’ll identify three benefits related to making your search and social media strategies work together. 

Benefit #1: Optimise your web content 

Social media is not just ideal for brand awareness, but also a good place to conduct market research. Beyond simple follower counts, you can find out what audiences really think by looking at their conversations with both you and others. 

This benefits you because you can then optimise what you share on your website, with regards to both resourceful content and web copy. Moreover, you can also ensure that your marketing materials share a message which will appeal to these individuals. Because of this, you’ll provide more value to your audience and build a better rapport. 

Benefit #2: Make better-informed decisions 

It’s not just in the final content output that search and social work well together. You’ll also be able to make better decisions in the earlier stages of content marketing. For example, finding out what others are saying online will be useful for determining what they’re searching for on Google. 

As a result of the above, it’ll become easier to optimise both your short and long-tail keyword strategies. This data can also be leveraged for other SEO factors, such as choosing powerful outbound links. Through these, your visibility will therefore be boosted. 

Benefit #3: Be more efficient with your targeting 

Utilising social media for research can also help you create better search engine ads. By discovering important keywords from your audience on social media, you’ll be able to determine what should and shouldn’t be included in your paid campaigns too. 

Thanks to the above, your targeting will become more efficient and you’ll achieve better value for money with your campaigns. By being more cost-efficient, you can then focus your cash surpluses on other important business areas. 

Final thoughts 

Social media is an important tool for brand awareness, because you’ll become more visible if people are talking about you. However, it’s also great for optimising your content and in advertising too. Listening to conversations on relevant platforms can help with identifying your audience’s problem areas, giving you guidance on what needs to be solved. And this doesn’t just have to be on your own accounts – look at what’s being said to and about your competitors as well. Many websites still aren’t integrating their strategy for both channels, so doing this will help you gain an upper hand. 

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