Thimba Media confirms expansion into sports betting

Irish lead-generation startup, Thimba Media has confirmed its expansion into sports betting with the acquisition of

Affiliate company Thimba Media will establish operations in the UK betting exchange market following the acquisition of the comparison site from

Thimba Media is continuing its strategy of growing organically, by expanding the business with key acquisitions. The website will provide Thimba Media with an established base within the regulated UK sports betting market, which has an estimated £2bn gross gaming yield per annum, according to the UK Gambling Commission.

Chris Russell, CEO of Thimba Media commented: “This acquisition is well placed, with a strong track record of profitability in the UK and a clear roadmap for the continually regulating US market. We foresee a clear path to success by using this domain to further our UK and US sports betting revenues. The strategic play that we are making as a company is to be prominent in a more mature and regulated iGaming industry.”

With this acquisition, Thimba Media opens up a new and rapidly growing channel through which it can scale its performance marketing revenues.

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