Affiliate marketing future interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone

The Voicebox at PI Live Europe 2023 | With Affiverse Founder, Lee-Ann Johnstone

If you were unable to listen to Lee-Ann live in London, this is your chance to catch up on some of the industry insights and future predictions that she shared at The Voicebox, during PI Live Europe 2023.

There is much to be gained from attending and participating in top industry events. Not only do they give you the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and to gain critical insights, they also help us to remember the need for continued relationship-building. 

Always Be Learning 

The mantra, ’Always Be Learning’ can be applied to so many situations and so many industries. This is a key focus for the affiliate world since structural education, as such, is lacking. There is no ‘School of Affiliate Marketing’. Take these opportunities to learn from industry veterans, giving voice to the topics that the next generation can continue to move forward.

Listen to Lee-Ann giving her perspective on the importance of mentorship, inclusivity and representation in the industry. She joined Julia Linehan from The Digital Voice and Hello Partner’s, Sol Wilkinson…


5 Important Points to Note

Watch the video in full to hear the points discussed in more detail, but here is a synopsis of just five of the points raised:

1 Do boundaries still exist?

Lee-Ann points out that the key here is to make your own success and to believe in yourself. Avoid those self-limiting beliefs. The importance of self-care is highlighted and how we connect the self to the business. Confidence is key – build confidence by attending live events and interacting with the people from behind the screens. Step away from your desk!

2 The advice you would give to your younger self? 

“I wish I had found a mentor sooner. Somebody independent of and outside of my business” Lee-Ann explains. She mentions that having somebody to run ideas past would have been so valuable and warns not to leave it too late to find mentors that you can relate to. She comments that the best way to find them is to network. Who you know counts and networking is an important skill to add to your skillset. 

If attending in person is a barrier for you then virtual events can also be highly valuable. Have you attended any of our virtual events? As well as building your contacts we always offer a wrap-party or networking session to ensure you can interact with those key contacts and ask questions or share ideas. Register now for Amplify 2024.

3 Is the industry improving with regards to inclusivity?

The improvements are happening but Lee-Ann believes it’s important to continue to have these discussions in order for behaviour to change. She mentions that we must continue to educate and support, “I live in the future, so I am always looking at new trends. It’s exciting and an exciting place to have a career. I’ve seen the evolution of affiliate marketing.” 

4 Crystal ball time What is Lee-Ann’s 10-year vision for the industry?

“I see a lot more integration across digital channels and innovation. In terms of tech moving into the industry. Relationships will still matter, since we deal with other humans and need to understand how to relate to other humans. I love people and that’s how I fell into affiliate marketing in the first place. You can’t remove the relationship part. Tech advancement and fast-moving trends we will need to be aware of. Affiliate Managers will need to specialise and find their niche.”

5 Learn from your peers

Education is a key theme. Lee-Ann acknowledges that there is amazing talent entering the industry but that the role of an Affiliate Manager is a complex one. Managers need to know everything about everything and can easily become burnt-out if they are not nurtured and supported. She also mentions that it’s easy for them to fall behind without continuous education, “Learn from peers and understand what’s changing”.

Our thanks go to the Hello Partner team for putting on a great PI Live Europe 2023 and to all those who helped us to make our AM Leaders event happen.

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