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The Unveiling of Affter – A New Dawn in Affiliate Marketing

With the constantly changing trends in the affiliate market, a fresh wave of trailblazers has emerged. The new affiliate program Affter was launched on August 24th, with the question, “What’s after?” as the key trigger of the company message.

Exploring the Affter Brand

In the affiliate marketing industry, Affter may be a newcomer. However, it was created by a team with over six years of experience in the iGaming realm. A wealth of expertise and achievements have allowed Affter to close deals with industry giants and take its affiliates into new territories. Affter has already established a niche as a reseller in the iGaming market, and some select teams are already trying their hands at them.

A Compelling Proposition

Covering a wide range of betting and gambling offers, including market favourites and exclusive options through its network, Affter is a compelling choice. With a wide geographical coverage, including Eastern Europe, tier 1 and tier 2 countries, the platform supports various payment models – CPA, RevShare (25% by default, up to 45%), and Hybrid option.

The platform has a user-friendly interface and advanced features such as: S2S Postback, banners, detailed statistics and advertising materials called creatives in the affiliate marketing environment. Notably, the platform supports popular payment methods, including cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and bank cards.

Taking a professional approach with skilled affiliate managers, Affter presents a good opportunity for monetisation, featuring exclusive gambling and betting offers across a variety of GEOs.

Ushering in the Unseen

“We create an exclusive and limited community bringing together the best minds. This approach emphasises collaboration based on proven and quality traffic, and that’s what we put at the top of our agenda,” states Kristina, the Marketing Director of Affter.

Yuliya, Head of Resale, explains: “Affter represents a fresh standard of opulence, an affiliate program that seamlessly fuses intellect with style. This ethos is mirrored in our approach to affiliate collaboration and the benefits we offer. Our primary objective is to illuminate our partners’ expertise while affording them a platform for exceptional networking. And as for earnings? They naturally ensue. The exclusivity of access translates into limitless opportunities and rewards.”

Beyond the Surface

In the dynamic iGaming industry, with the possibility of huge revenues and rapid change, adaptability is the cornerstone of success. The market turmoil that occurred six months ago demonstrated the market’s volatility. While strategic planning is the cornerstone of a thriving business, the ability to navigate a volatile market landscape becomes the catalyst for sustainable competitiveness.

“The value of PMAffiliates has always been driven by the proficiency of our team. Through a myriad of successful cases, major conferences, and an unwavering commitment to building symbiotic relationships, we have continually optimised our affiliates’ financial returns. For a long time, our team has provided affiliate marketing services for the Parimatch franchise, our client. The triumph of our affiliate program has been the result of not only a powerful brand but also the dynamic team behind it. In an unstable environment, there were some concerns about further scaling and development,” said Maxim, Managing Director at Affter.

Securing an Exclusive Pass

Unlocking the world of Affter affiliates requires a secret promo code from managers or brand ambassadors. Alternatively, recommendation from trusted affiliates or leaders in affiliate communities during networking events or conferences extends an invitation. This September’s SiGMA Summit in Cyprus offers an exceptional opportunity to network personally with the Affter team and get your chance to be part of the affiliate program.

Affter has launched a pre-moderation procedure available for outstanding affiliate professionals wishing to join the new affiliate program. Working as a pre-moderation pass, the Affiverse_001 code is already available on Affiverse. Keep in mind that the final decision is made on the Affter side and this exclusive opportunity is available to the first ten registrations only.


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