The role of native apps in affiliate marketing in 2020

When you think about it, it’s crazy how you can literally access everything you want just by unlocking your smartphone. And just think about how different our phones are since the beginning of the previous decade, where you’d be waiting until your funeral just for a page to load.

Native apps have been imperative in making it possible for us to get everything we want straight away. And they’ll become even more important this year, especially for iGaming affiliates. Here’s how.

Improving user experience

The generation of instant gratification is always in need for more speed. And as these demands are met, it becomes more challenging to improve but not impossible. 

We’re already seeing brands working on making things even easier for consumers. For example, Oddschecker has embarked on a major project to make its in-app prices more real-time. So far, it has reduced the lag of its price changes to under 10 seconds. Meanwhile, Racing Post has integrated a variety of big sportsbooks onto its app. As a result, players can find the odds and content they want with minimal effort. 

You should also keep an eye out for the possible growth of instant apps. While only used by a handful of brands on Google Play for now, these enable users to access what they need without having to download. This is useful when WiFi can’t be accessed, since it’s quicker than a webpage too. Those that utilise this will also be able to capture more casual audiences, along with keeping their loyal app downloaders. 

In-app advertising 

In-app advertising has opened a door to those looking to stand out, without having to deal with other competitive spaces such as social media. But the problem is that this channel is also becoming more saturated. That’s leading to a growing cost-per-mille (CPM). 

However, it would be silly to consider in-app ads as redundant all of a sudden. There are ways to provide value, as many brands are finding out. For example, some are looking at markets with higher volumes or that are unsaturated with high-value players. 

By doing the above, affiliates can see a better return on investment than if they were to turn to more established territories. A great way to identify gaps is by leveraging third-party data, by utilising information such as app activity and location information. We wrote about this in more depth here

Through thinking more carefully about their in-app advertising strategies, we can expect iGaming affiliates to keep advertising with success on here in 2020. 

Cross-device integration

It may be difficult to predict where users might go after the smartphone. However, something will eventually replace it – just as was the case with the desktop computer. 

Believe it or not, the answer might be on your wrist. Some gambling companies have already gotten this idea, including Playtech. The software and services supplier has developed a sports betting app which allows players to wager through their Apple Watch

Why might digital watch betting be something that gathers traction? Well, imagine being able to do what you can on your phone now. But you can complete these activities without having to reach into your pocket and take out your phone. It’s convenience taken to a new level and affiliates that start thinking about this now will put themselves ahead of the curve. 

Final thoughts

For iGaming affiliates, 2020 will be the year of getting smarter and also preparing for the decade ahead. That includes thinking more about where they can stand out, both in terms of digital channels and gambling markets. But it also applies to thinking about how they can prepare for the future and continue to cater for today’s demand for instant results. 

We can expect to see more projects like Oddschecker and Racing Post, where placing bets is not only easier but displayed prices are more accurate. And further to this, it’s not just smartphones that brands should be thinking about now. Through doing extensive research of the industry and technological trends, these affiliates will build for success in 2020, 2021 and so on.

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