Trust in Affiliate Marketing

The key to a good operator/affiliate relationship

In every industry, long-term relationships are imperative for sustainable success. 

Affiliate marketing is no different. This is especially true when talking about iGaming, which is a small field where everybody knows everybody. 

In this article, we’re going to give you a couple of tips for creating a better relationship with your affiliate partners. 

Understand their goals. This should be one of the first steps you take when establishing a new relationship. If your goals aren’t aligned with an affiliate, then you face an uphill task from the first minute onwards. 

When in the initial negotiation phases, you should gain a clear understanding of a) what they want to achieve and b) how you can help them get there. The best way to do this is by listening to them properly, which we have spoken about in the past. 

Stay in touch. When you think about real-life relationships, a lack of communication is often the determining factor in many of them ending. Well, guess what? This is also the case in business partnerships. 

Onboarding a new affiliate is not the end of your responsibility for them. Retention requires you to keep in touch on a regular basis, especially with your best-performing ones. By maintaining a frequent dialogue with one another, you can find out where their current points of struggle are and also make sure they know how their program is performing. 

Support each other’s growth. In any good relationship, both parties pull the other one up. Contrastingly, bad relationships end in one or both sides holding the other back. Again, the partnerships you have with your affiliates won’t be too dissimilar in this respect. 

When there is mutual respect, this will come naturally. For example, you’ll be able to provide them with high-quality marketing materials and in turn, they will drive more traffic to your website. Much of this comes through understanding each other’s ambitions and ensuring that there is a good match. 

To summarise… 

A successful affiliate partnership has the same key components as any other business relationship. Built on the foundations of trust, you should both understand where the other wants to get to and ensure that you’re on the same page. 

Regular contact is important for both the onboarding stage and afterwards. If you suddenly disappear, your partners will have little incentive to promote your brand to their audiences. 

Another reason that understanding one another’s goals is so important is because you will then naturally support each other’s growth. And when that happens, you’re both winners. 

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