Esports betting in New Jersey takes another step forward

Players in New Jersey could soon be able to bet on esports after legislation allowing this passed through the Lower House

The Senate will now be able to decide whether or not they want this vertical to become offered as a legal form of gambling in the state. 

Although sports betting is regulated across various traditional competitions in New Jersey, esports currently is not. 

Wagering on this vertical has already been passed into law in fellow US state Nevada. 

Unanimous agreement 

Last week, the Assembly voted unanimously to move esports legislation along to the next step. 

It seems that there is a growing interest in the vertical, with no fewer than five different congressmen sponsoring or co-sponsoring the legislation. 

One of these individuals in support of esports betting in New Jersey believes that its popularity is only growing year-on-year. As such, it’s important to provide for that demand.

They said the below. 

“Whether they follow along online or in person, hundreds of millions of people watch esports each year – and that number is only growing. 

“This bill will amend our existing sports betting law to include eSports and ultimately expand on the industry to make it more successful.”  

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling had the following to say about the possibility of esports betting in New Jersey.

“With online sports betting now legal in New Jersey, a large number of people already interested in this type of gaming and a lack of physical sporting events to bet on right now due to the pandemic, the time is right for us to expand legal wagering beyond traditional sports.”

Once the bill has been introduced to and reviewed by the Senate, they will vote on whether or not they feel esports should become law. Since the Senate are the final decision-makers, however, there aren’t many more hurdles that need to be cleared. 

Esports betting elsewhere in the US 

Earlier this year, esports betting regulations were expanded in Nevada. Thanks to this, players can now bet on the likes of the Call of Duty League and European Championship and Masters for League of Legends. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many esports events were moved online to prevent the spread of the virus. The difference between them and traditional sports, however, was that they were allowed to continue through the adversity because of this.

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