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The CJ Performer program relaunches with a new look and features

The CJ Performer, or CJP, program has been going since 2005, but this year, at 18, it becomes an adult. With a new look and new features, the CJP program will continue its work as one of the best highlights for the top-performing and most engaged publishers in the CJ network.

In the 18 years since its launch, the CJP publisher community has grown and diversified, leading CJP to reflect on its impact and adjust as time goes on. The new CJP program has updated requirements for entry, including:

  • Global eligibility: CJ Performers can now enjoy global status, rather than being limited to certain countries. Plus, custom thresholds established means that relevant countries highlight relevant publishers according to region.
  • Publisher management: CJ Performers should be added to one of the CJP Development management tiers, which points towards engagement and minimum performance requirements.
  • Active relationships: CJP publishers should be engaging regularly in conversations and transactions with advertisers across the network.
  • Commission threshold: CJ Performers are required to earn a minimum amount of commission which will vary by country and can be achieved by multiple accounts.
  • Internal review: All eligible CJ Publishers will be reviewed and approved by the CJP Team and Network Quality.

The optimal CJ Performer is said to have a respect for work ethic and particularly increased revenue potential. They are actively engaged on the network and are eager to collaborate, and they follow program rules and guidelines. Publishers looking to become another CJP can find more information here.

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