The AskGamblers Awards Team

Following on from our interview last week with Catena Media, we knew we had to give all of you listeners a bit more insight into the world of AskGamblers and what truly goes into this event to make it one of the top iGaming events in the industry. Lee-Ann sits down with 2 members from the AskGamblers awards team and asks the questions that we all want to know.  

AskGamblers are on a mission to provide current and accurate information about online casinos worldwide, as well as offer players the opportunity to resolve their issues transparently. They are pushing boundaries and aim to keep inspiring the whole industry to honour players, work for them, and deliver the best service there is. The event’s that they hold are there to give mention to some of the best within the industry who are helping keep iGaming at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  

Listen to find out more about:  

  • How long does it take to plan and arrange this event?  
  • Why Belgrade is the city you want to be in 
  • What can guests expect to receive when they arrive  

[02:15] – What is occurring at this event?  

[03:45] – Listen as the team discusses what they do to make all contestants feel special  

[05:30] – The team tell us what year has been their favourite and why 

[08:00] – The charitable side of the event is discussed  

Ask Gamblers event kicks off next week in Belgrade, if you want to learn more about the brand then click here.   

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