That’s a Wrap! Highlights From This Season’s Guests

It’s time to toast the end of another season of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. This episode features highlights from Season 15. The topics covered include: expanding affiliate programs, addressing fraud in affiliate marketing, success as a female in the industry, crafting highly converting creatives, opportunities in the Asian market, regulations and trends in the Netherlands, building your personal brand… and so much more!

Listen in here for all of the insights: 

Wade Tonkin: Unlocking New Affiliate Traffic in 2024: The Ultimate How To Grow Your Program Guide

Wade gave us a full ‘10 Actionable Steps Guide’ ‘on how to grow your affiliate program have you implemented any of these recently? Are there some that you didn’t think of before? 

Lee-Ann summarises Wade’s main points on growing affiliate sources, however, one question remains: how do you grow your business after exhausting what you may think are your only avenues for growth?

Rich Kahn: Guarding Your Affiliate Marketing Business: Anti-Fraud Tools and Strategies

One of the most relevant and unsettling subjects in affiliate marketing is FRAUD. How can we foresee it? How can we avoid it? When it happens, what must we do to reverse its impact? Rich Kahn, CEO of, knowledgeably talks about this subject and how to confront it. Rich explains the landscape of affiliate fraud, its impact on brands and businesses, and the different types of fraud that exist. He also highlights the need for ongoing vigilance and staying ahead of emerging fraud trends. Lee-Ann poses the question of how big of an issue fraud really is.

Valery Fly: Building a Thriving Career in Affiliate Marketing: Tips and Paths to Success

Valery Fly joined Lee-Ann for a light-hearted conversation on what it means to be a female in a high ranking affiliate marketing position. She shared her takeaways from her experience on how to succeed in this fast-paced industry. Coming into a new industry can be daunting and it is impossible to learn things all at once. Listen to this episode as Valery talks about the steps affiliate managers and those entering this industry can take to improve themselves and maintain a positive mindset.

Vegas Kings: Crafting Highly-Converting Creatives for Your iGaming Business

We welcomed Vegas Kings’ Managing Director Stuart Allen and Client Services Manager Adrian Jooste in a conversation focused on how to craft highly-converting creatives for your affiliate program. Lee-Ann has always been fascinated by how psychology drives sales and design fits right in the middle of this as we strive as marketers to convert more customers. 

There is no denying that eye-catching colours and imagery impact conversion. One thing to keep in mind is to balance this out so as to not overwhelm and put off customers with busy designs and mismatched graphics. So, how can you optimise campaigns and landing pages for your affiliates to succeed? In the clip the trio dig deeper into what could be considered best practices in getting the best out of your creative designs.

Season Finale Takeaways:

  • Expanding affiliate programs involves getting out of your comfort zone and aiming for bigger partners.
  • Addressing fraud in affiliate marketing is crucial and requires proactive measures.
  • Success as a female in affiliate marketing requires maintaining a positive mindset and continuously improving oneself.
  • Crafting highly converting creatives involves finding a balance between eye-catching designs and not overwhelming customers.
  • The Asian market offers significant opportunities for affiliate marketing.
  • Building a personal brand is essential for promoting your affiliate program.
  • Understanding regulations and trends in different markets, such as the Netherlands, is crucial for success in affiliate marketing.

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[10:40] Anti-Fraud Tools and Strategies

[14:12] Success as a Female in Affiliate Marketing

[17:32] Crafting Highly Converting Creatives

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