Celebrating Collaboration | AMPLIFY 2024

Today, we are celebrating the power of digital learning! Over the last two days, we were joined by delegates from around the world for AMPLIFY 2024 – our annual virtual learning summit. More than 30 expert speakers shared their vast knowledge with us, in order to help Affiliates and Affiliate Managers to AMPLIFY their performance.

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our event sponsors: Alpha Affiliates, PIN-UP Partners, Revving, Forex Tester, 1win Partners, Impact.com , Anura and Phonexa. Our thanks also go to our Affiliate Media partners: GPWA Times, PMA.org, APMA, Affiliate Expo and of course all our virtual booth sponsors and everyone who worked on this event at Affiverse and Reattendance.

A heartfelt “Thank You” to all the companies that collaborated and contributed with their support – sharing our content and inviting their communities to join us. To all of our expert speakers who delivered incredible insights over the past two days for us to learn and assimilate together, we thank you.

Highlights from AMPLIFY 2024

Affiverse Founder, Lee-Ann Johnstone, says it best: “Boredom is simply nonexistent in this industry, and that’s precisely why I have such a profound passion for Affiliate Marketing—and I know many of you do too!

“As digital and affiliate marketers, we are undoubtedly working in the most thrilling era of performance to date, navigating constant changes, new technologies, and constantly changing environments in which we have to keep learning. The one thing I am striving to do this year is to help as many of you as possible to drive incremental ROI in an ever-evolving performance landscape.”

So many insights – and some quite staggering statistics – were shared over the course of our two days of panel sessions and master classes. Here are just a few of our highlights:

  • The affiliate industry needs to improve payment processing! Revving shared some incredible stats of how publisher cash flows are being negatively impacted by longer payment periods and how that has a knock on effect to the growth of our industry indirectly.
  • Keep asking qualifying questions about tracking!
  • Look at the niches to extrapolate value.
  • Understand all the different channels we can access traffic from and how you want your brand to be presented in these channels.
  • Clearly define what FRAUD for your affiliate program is.
  • Do a program audit once a year – and SWOT against the competitors
  • Motivate your partners with promotions that engage them!


Further Questions

For those of you who joined us for the live-stream sessions, we sincerely hope you made the most out of the engaging Q&A sessions and fearlessly posed the questions that had been burning in your minds. Unfortunately, we were unable to get to every question, but as we digest the last two days,  please stay tuned for future opportunities to learn more.

Your feedback, comments, and compliments have been greatly appreciated. We are thrilled that you enjoyed the meticulously curated content we prepared for this event, comprising hours of insightful knowledge.

Always Be Learning

Now, we look to the year ahead and further opportunities for you to grow your learning. A key theme of our panel sessions this year was the importance of education in our industry, so please do take advantage of these opportunities:

ELEVATE 2024 – We eagerly look forward to welcoming you once again to our ELEVATE summit which will be our very first hybrid event taking place in London, in September 2024. So if you’re looking to get involved and be part of our next live event, do get in touch if you want to be tuned in to what’s happening next at Affiverse.

Join us  at the AMLEADERS workshop at PILive Miami on the 16th April – we have invited some of the best speakers in our industry to share their knowledge and help you level up your program performance in this half day in person “Chatham House” Style Rules workshop.
Book your ticket here.

Sign up for our new AMPP (Affiliate Program Performance Management) coaching program which launches in April 2024. Visit our website to find out more about this program and how your teams can benefit from 12 weeks of coaching to help you scale your affiliate program and partnerships too!  Discover more here.

Thank you for joining us and participating to make AMPLIFY 2024 a truly insightful learning event for affiliates and affiliate managers around the world.

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