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Team Behind Popular Mr-Gamble Launches New UK Portal Top Casinos

The team behind the Mr-Gamble portal – CashMagnet – has announced that they are all set to launch their new UK-facing casino review site, Top Casinos.

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the existing player-focused knowledge bases are struggling to keep up with it. There is a lack of objective, trustworthy information about casinos, slots, and sports betting.

As a result, players often find themselves subjected to unfair or even predatory gambling tactics. Too many casino affiliates are more interested in driving additional traffic to their website rather than producing honest reviews.

The team at CashMagnet wants to help fill this void by providing current, unbiased recommendations about online casinos in an easy-to-digest way.

With hundreds of listed casinos, TopCasinos offers UK-based players exclusive casino insight, weighted reviews, UK legal and regulatory information as well as the latest news about bonuses and promotions.

CashMagnet aims to help both experienced and new players stay informed and make intelligent decisions, and have an improved game experience. The factors that they consider in their reviewing process range from a casino’s game variety and customer service to ease of use and reliability of payment methods.

Joni Oinonen, Chief Marketing Officer at CashMagnet, states: “Choosing the right online casino is a gamble in and of itself. There are so many factors that your average player simply cannot keep in mind at all times: terms and conditions, expiration dates for promotions, payout methods, etc. We are excited to empower people to make informed decisions and bet confidently.”

He adds, “When it comes to cleaning up the industry’s controversial image, we want to pull no punches. Our team evaluates each casino site separately, based on numerous factors, and is not afraid to reject an application. “Tough but fair” is how we want to present ourselves to players.”

Following the release of its new UK-focused portal, the CashMagnet team aims to extend the same service to gamblers in other regions, from New Zealand to Canada. Their long-term ambition is to become the leading information hub for all things casino.

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