Swedish market shows signs of growth ahead of 2019 re-regulation

The Swedish gambling market reported a small gross gaming revenue increase of 1.2% for the first three quarters of 2018, compared to the same period of the year previous.

Operators with Swedish permits reported gross gaming revenue of SEK 12.2 billion, down 2.4%, while operators without Swedish permits reported gross gaming revenue of SEK 4.5 billion, up by an impressive 12.4%.

Market share for operators with Swedish permits was 73% in the first three quarters, while operators without Swedish permits had a market share of 27%.

Elsewhere, online gambling increased by 12.9%, while land-based gambling decreased by 8.4%. Betting increased by 13.6% and online casino increased by 11.9%.

The results come as affiliates tentatively plan ahead, after Sweden’s media firms received warnings in relation to their advertising activity.

For instance, online affiliate and content marketing firm Raketech announced a partnership, aimed at strengthening its responsible affiliate marketing efforts in Sweden back in September.

Joining forces with the the Scandinavian nation’s gambling association, Raketech joined a core of organisations whose long-term vision is of protecting the health of the country’s gaming industry.

Michael Holmberg, Raketech CEO, explained: “Sper looks after the best interests of the Swedish gaming industry, and being part of the association further validates our commitment to responsible affiliate marketing.

“We are pleased to receive a stamp of approval to work alongside Sper – learning from our peers, and sharing our expertise on delivering trustworthy information to our users, so that they can make informed and responsible decisions.”

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