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Swedish government aims to tackle problem gambling with data access rights expansion

The Swedish government is putting forward a proposal to make consumer data more available to licensed operators in an attempt to avoid gambling-related harm and addiction. The idea is to allow operators to review and analyse self-reported information about players’ gambling habits to combat problem gambling.

Announced by the Swedish minister of financial markets, Niklas Wykman, the proposal also included the stipulation that the data would exclusively be used for the purpose of addressing and studying any apparent or potential problem gambling in players.

Wykman said: “Through the proposal, we can ensure strong consumer protection in the gambling market and better help those who need to get out of gambling addiction. The proposal has been developed after a follow-up by the State Treasury, where they point out that gambling companies must have good knowledge of their customers in order to be able to counteract problem gambling.”

If the proposal gains approvable, it should be actionable from January 1, 2024.

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