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Suspicious betting reporting tool launched by Malta Gaming Authority

Suspicious betting reporting tool launched by Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has launched a new tool that will allow their licensees to report activity that could signify suspicious betting to their Sports Integrity Unit.

This new tool, the Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism (SBRM) should now be with all sports betting operators with MGA licenses now, having launched on November 23.

Though the regulations surrounding this tool are not due to activate until the start of 2021, the MGA hopes that this will allow for a smooth transition with enough time to make changes as needed.

Operators must start using the SBRM in 2021, and it is now part of the regulator’s suspicious betting reporting requirements.

The Sports Integrity Unit was formed in August 2019, and aims to gather information about suspicious betting in the world of sports betting. This is backed by the MGA’s data-sharing partnerships with several high-brow national and international sporting groups, including the International Cricket Council among others.

While the SBRM should help to make sports gambling safer and more enjoyable for all, critics have voiced some concerns. Primarily, they are worried that fresh disputes between operators and players could arise, especially if players felt that their winnings and bets were unfairly withheld due to an investigation.

To combat this, the MGA said it would monitor cases and regularly publish updates on their progress so operators could communicate clearly with their impacted customers.

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