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Summer affiliate trends to watch out for

Summer is an important time of year for all businesses. It’s a season where consumer spending increases, and there are plenty of new marketing opportunities as the warm weather improves customers’ moods.

The affiliate industry is constantly evolving and developing. New techniques, technologies, and practices are appearing all the time, and it’s vital that affiliates are up to date with what’s hot to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. We’ve listed a few of the top summer affiliate trends to watch out for, below:

Travel Blogs & Content 

Summer is all about travel. Whether it’s jetting off to a sunny beach or enjoying a staycation close to home, the summer is when many of us get out there and explore the world.

Digital brands and businesses are well aware of this, which is why we can expect to see a significant increase in the volume of travel blogs and content in the summer months. Consumers love travel-related content, especially if it relates to a journey they have taken or one they are planning.

Travel content can be a fantastic way of tapping into that summer spirit and driving traffic towards your platform.

Micro & Nano-Influencers

Influencer culture changed the face of the marketing world forever. These modern-day social media celebrities have huge followings and are highly prized by brands and businesses looking to connect with younger audiences and demographic groups.

However, in recent years we’ve started to see a shift away from the big-time, globally famous influencer. Some brands are beginning to focus more on smaller influencers and creators, often referred to as micro-influencers or nano-influencers.

While these micro-influencers don’t have the same reach and reputation as the biggest creators, they do have access to dedicated, highly knowledgeable followers. Working with one of the biggest influencers is like casting a wide net, while working with micro-influencers allows campaigns to be more specialised and targeted.

Initially, micro-influencers were used by niche, technical brands. However, we’re now seeing their use increase across the board. Brands that use micro-influencers are often regarded as more authentic and more relatable, and we can certainly expect to see their use increase this summer.

Further Focus on Diversity 

Diversity is an increasingly salient issue in today’s world. The summer kicked off with Pride events across the world, and we saw big global brands briefly change their branding in shows of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Younger generations are more inclusive and accepting than those of the past, and with research revealing that two out of three consumers shop based on their social beliefs and values, brands and affiliates must ensure they are promoting diversity and inclusion at every opportunity.

However, it’s important that affiliates aren’t perceived to be ‘rainbow-washing’. That is, only promoting diversity and inclusion because of the financial benefits it can offer. Rather than just promoting diversity for Pride month, we’re seeing a conscious effort by brands to continue throughout the rest of the summer months.


Next up on our list of affiliate summer trends is podcasts. Podcasts are nothing new in the digital world, but we’ve seen them really kick up a gear in recent years, and even small podcasters are managing to secure big brand partnership deals.

As we mentioned earlier, the summer is the season of travel. As people sit on long plane, train, and bus journeys, many will put on a podcast to help pass the time. This is a fantastic opportunity for affiliates and digital businesses and is one of the main reasons why podcasts are becoming such a crucial marketing tool.


Today’s algorithm-driven social media channels mean that modern users have come to expect highly personalised experiences when using online services and digital platforms. They want to see content that is relevant to their interests, with actions they take informing the algorithm to further personalise what they see.

Affiliates can personalise their platforms and services by directly asking consumers for their opinions, through the use of surveys or even comment sections. However, as AI and machine learning technology improve, much of this can be automated. AI systems and algorithms can monitor and analyse consumer behaviour. This information can then be used by affiliates to optimise their platforms and channels to better suit the preferences of their customers.


As the summer continues, we’re likely to see affiliate strategies and campaigns change to meet the shifting needs and preferences of consumers. Travel blogs and content, micro-influencers, diversity, podcasts, and personalisation are all trends that you need to watch out for in the affiliate industry, this summer.

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