STHLMGAMING joins growing First Look Games roster

STHLMGAMING has become the latest firm to join the First Look Games roster, in a bid to maximise exposure of its titles across affiliate sites and the wider web.
The partnership means that STHLMGAMING, part of Relax Gaming’s Silver Bullet partner program, joins the likes of 1X2 Network and Quickspin in gaining direct access to online casino affiliates to share assets and information about their full suite of games and upcoming launches.
This includes game information sheets and marketing assets such as logos, images and videos which are uploaded to the First Look Games Library. These can then be downloaded by affiliates – for each individual game or in bulk – and be used to create high value content.
The developer can also take advantage of First Look Games Premium, allowing it to upload game information and assets two weeks prior to launch. This can then be accessed by a select group of affiliates – giving them a “first look”.
First Look Games has recently added notification alerts to its platform, which will allow STHLMGAMING to announce network promotions, bonus campaigns and operator partnerships to First Looks’ publisher network, further deepening engagement.
First Look Games’ network of affiliates can then create compelling and compliant content for their websites and marketing channels by making full and best use of the game’s assets and the information provided by the game studio.
Tom Galanis, founder of First Look Games, said: “We are delighted to further progress our partnership with Relax Gaming and its partners. STHLMGAMING is known for developing simple games that still pack a punch when it comes to design and gameplay and we are delighted they have chosen to work with us to help improve their marketing efforts.
“Online casino affiliates are the most powerful marketing channels available to game developers and thanks to First Look Games, STHLMGAMING can connect with publishers directly for the very first time.”
Jonas Byström, CEO of STHLMGAMING, added: “Given the highly competitive nature of the global online casino sector, game developers must do as much as they can to market their titles and for us affiliates and publishers are a vital channel for success.
“As part of Relax Gaming’s Silver Bullet service, First Look Games connects us directly to affiliates for the first time and we are delighted to be able to fully leverage the reach and exposure this brings.”

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