Sports IQ entered agreement with Betclic to deliver US sports odds to Europe

North American oddsmaker and tech provider Sports IQ confirmed the signing of a new multi-year agreement to provide its US sports odds and automated trading solutions to France-based sports betting operator Betclic Group.

A greater experience for customers

According to the multi-year deal, Sports IQ will deliver its US sports odds and automated trading products to Betclic, which will be made available to new and existing customers in Europe. The Montreal-based company will integrate directly with Betclic to power a suite of betting options across all major US sport, improving, Betclic Group’s trading provisions across its US sports inventory.

“Betclic’s mission is to provide the best technology to bet and the greatest experience to our customers, to continuously enhance their passion for sports,” said Betclic’s Head of Sports Betting Martin Houdbine.

A deeper market relevance

Omer Dor, CEO at Sports IQ explained the importance of this partnership by the growing need for sportsbooks to individually amplify their US odds and have a deeper market relevance to entice customers.

“Betclic is one of the most-respected operators in Europe and is well known for offering innovative products to its customers. As our industry moves forward into this new era of fan entertainment, we are delighted to enhance Betclic’s offering with Sports IQ’s product coverage. I believe it is a testament to the growing popularity of US sports on a global footprint.”

Martin Houdbine adding that “with a growing interest in US Sports within Europe, we think this strategic deal can really make a difference towards our ambition of being the #1 Sportsbook operator everywhere we operate.”

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