Sports betting to begin in Arizona in early September under new bill

The US Department of Interior (DoI) have recently given approval to a bill that formalized an amended agreement. The approval of this bill will now allow players to bet on sporting events at tribal casinos and sites owned by major league sports teams in Arizona. This bill will come into place early as the 9th of September, meaning players will not have to wait too long.

Exciting opportunities

The bill was signed back in April by the Governor or Arizona Doug Ducey. He recently stated that the amend agreement would “modernize” the way that people gamble in the state of Arizona. Due to the current rules and regulation for sports betting in Arizona, many people across the state can not participate in sports betting. Although the states Department of Gaming is aiming to open the regulated market by the 9th of September this year, which many players are eagerly anticipating.

Long awaited agreement

The Department of Interior began drafting the rules for the new bill back in April and have until mid-June to publish the first draft. This first initial draft will include a list of rules and regulations that Arizona players must adhere to. This draft will then be made available for public comment and inspection during a seven-day period which will end on the 21st of June.

After this seven-day period, the Department will follow with amendment period. This period will allow the Department to make any necessary changes based on the public’s comments and inspection of the bill. This amendment period will end before the official launch date of the bill in early September, just in time for the first game of the NFL season.

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