Sports betting legalized in Kansas

Kansas becomes the latest state to legalize sports betting and historical racing machines after signing a bill into law.

Senate Bill 84 was approved earlier in the month and then presented to Governor Laura Kelly to be signed.

This bill will allow sports betting to be counted as part of the state’s expanded lottery act, while historical horse racing machines will become part of the Kansas Parimutuel Racing Act.

Sports betting will now be able to go live through lottery facility managers, with each one allowed to apply for licenses with a maximum of three sports betting platforms.

The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission will be responsible for issuing licenses and regulating any operators who choose to launch games within the state.

The Sunflower State is just one of many that has legalized sports betting recently. Affiliates who wish to dive into a rapidly expanding market should definitely consider what the American markets have to offer.

Many states are choosing to tie their sports betting to the lottery. Though online sports betting operators will be providing the platforms here, we shall have to see what form any online sports betting platforms choose to take.

80% of sports betting revenue generated will go to the construction of a new stadium and the development of professional sports within the Sunflower State.

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