Sports betting companies eye up opportunities in Brazil

After years of back and forth, sports betting is finally set to be possible in Brazil. As a nation known for its football fans, this market is understandably very attractive for sports betting companies and has the potential to be huge.  

Despite this potential, many businesses are cautious about entering this relatively unknown territory when it comes to gambling. Companies must have strict compliance policies in place in order to meet Brazil’s regulatory requirements and make a sustainable entry into the market.  

Playtech is one such company looking to expand into the Brazilian market, but their chief policy officer Francesco Rodano is conscious of making a positive impact: 

“Even if only a minority of players can be harmed by gambling, it is critical – and an ethical imperative – to spot them at the earliest possible stage. There are many ways to interact with players at risk, from generic email messages to personal interviews carried out by safer gambling specialists and even psychologists. All operators should be able to activate the most suitable intervention depending on the risk level of each player. At Playtech, we have developed a first-level interaction tool that is proving very valuable. In our trials, AI-driven customised interventions proved to be up to twenty-one times more effective in triggering a responsible gaming action, such as setting a deposit limit, compared to previous blanket email responsible gambling campaigns.” 

No matter the market or country, all sports betting companies should be looking to adopt such practices as a duty to their players and stakeholders.  

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