Sports Arbitrage – can it provide good affiliate revenue?

Sports arbitrage betting has been around for a while, with plenty of affiliate sites showing a dedicated area to teaching users all about this betting technique. While there are many of these, not all of them are offering reputable resources or sound advice. Arbitrage betting is perfectly legal, however many operators don’t see it as positive promotional technique and can penalise affiliates for using this tactic to acquire new customers online.

So does it add value in your content strategy?

If you want to use the arbitrage betting niche as your way to drive new sources of sports customers to your site, then you have to give your users real, useful information. The fluffy stuff won’t cut it here and if you don’t have a working knowledge on the betting system, this will be painfully obvious. These sports bettors put a lot of time and effort into research around finding the right arbing opportunities, so you need to provide them with valuable, accurate and timely information. 

This kind of information can help you to expand your website reach and target different kinds of bettors but you have to create a cohesive content strategy to make it worthwhile. This will allow you to attract those customers who are new to the system at the top of your funnel and the experts closer to the point of conversion. 

While this may mean an investment for your brand to bring in an expert for educational learning and content delivery. This can be well worth your time and money, as your content will be much more effective. If you want to drive traffic from this niche, then you have to make sure you’ve got the best content and are marketing your brand effectively to provide value for operators as well.

Brands like Profit Accumulator and Guide to Matched Betting do this particularly well. You can see their content holds position zero on many related queries, which means they’re dominating the SERPs. For this reason, you may want to research the lesser known queries that will bring your brand more traffic with less competition.

Creating an advantage 

There’s a lot of good information and communities out there for arbitrage bettors, which shows the potential that this market has. Tapping into these users and creating your own community is a sure fire way to bring in the conversions that will boost your brand. 

In the affiliate industry today, we see brands fighting for the same revenue streams, but this sector could set your brand apart from the crowd. Finding this new stream of players and funnelling them to your partners will grant you much larger commissions. 

A look into the market in an academic paper from Vlastakis, G. Dotsis and R. N. Markellos back in 2008 suggested that any short term losses made by bookmakers on arbitrage bets could be negligible when compared to the long term gains. They defined this as a growing market, especially during larger tournaments and ten year’s on it can be seen that this has grown into a popular space for promotion in the search rankings with technology companies such as BetBurger and Rebelbetting building strong technology tools to help betters find opportunities to arb.

While this market might be smaller in terms of players, these bettors spend more time and money than the average bettor over a lifetime so from an affiliate perspective there is a revenue advantage to be had. This is an interesting proposition, as affiliates must weigh up their spend over time to acquire a customer and determine how to promote operators too. Take this into account when negotiating deals , as you’ll want to be earning from this activity without alienating operators over time.

Take a cautious approach for long term gain

Income Access have also weighed in on arbitrage for affiliates as a content stream for promotion, highlighting that some bookmakers may class this as fraudulent activity. They can also gear their affiliate T&Cs against this, which can impact your profitability over time. Within this niche, you can become the destination for arbitrage bettors to find the latest odds and deals but you can also effectively promote operators to an audience that are skilled at placing value bets. Understand their psychology and what they’re looking for to profit. Affiliating with a betting exchange could bring you larger returns, but these have different terms when compared to traditional sportsbooks. 

If you’re tired of fighting for the same traffic as other affiliates, it’s time to diversify and offer something different. By identifying a new niche, you can get ahead of the competition and prove that your affiliate portal deserves attention. Book your ticket to attend AffiliateFEST now to learn new marketing techniques and bring your affiliate brand up to the competition. 

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