Chatbots – How they can help convert your traffic

The advancement of artificial intelligence for chatbots has a positive impact for affiliate marketers and can help improve customer conversion. By offering more personalised ways to reach out to your audience you can learn faster about how to convert them first time to an appropriate brand. This can be used in an effective way to convert your customers, join us to find out how. 

Communication with potential players

If you’re working hard to give users helpful hints and tips on your site, then you may want to give them the option to communicate with you if they have questions not covered in your existing content. This can open up a direct communication channel, which people prefer over a call or email. In a study by eConsultancy recently stats showed that, 57% of users said they preferred a live chat option on site to get the information they need faster. 

That’s a significant number of searchers who want to speak with a human to get information online. Thats something to consider in terms of the vast promotions and products that are available now for consumers to choose from in the iGaming space. The trick is to understand how to use this to your advantage as part of your site UX and functionality. Integrating an onsite chat bot can allow you to remind your users of a certain brand, current promotion or set of odds they should take advantage of. You could also use this to direct them to a relevant page of the site, depending on what they’re looking for. 

Support your user on the site and you can funnel them to an operator more effectively. You can even use this as a data capture method too, opening another channel of communication. 

Learning what your users want

If you implement a chat bot, you will also be able to see which search areas or places are being used most often and also in some instances where your customers are coming to you from (depending on tracking). For example, you may see that the chat tree on horse racing is more popular than football betting, so you can begin to prioritise your content around this as a higher interest vertical. 

This kind of data is invaluable and will help you to make decisions further down the line. As an affiliate in a crowded market, you really have to think of any way you can get ahead. A glimpse into the mind of your user can be extremely beneficial. 

You can also integrate tools like Hotjar, which allow you to see heatmaps and give your user the opportunity to provide feedback. This can help you identify broken links or where the user experience could be improved. 

Personalising your customer experiences

You can take the preferences of your users a step further and personalise the experience for them too. Some simple questions about the type of bonuses they prefer, experience level and other preferences can allow you to target your ads much more effectively. You can store their cookie data in between sessions to update them with the latest offers that fit with the data that you have gathered. 

If you aim to go down this road, it’s important to inform your user that you will be doing this. They have rights to the data that you collect about them and you have to give them the right to be forgotten where appropriate. 

Creating chatbots that have a personality

The chatbots that you create have to be able to encourage users to actually converse with them, so your personality and tone of voice is very important. If the conversation between your user and the chatbot is stilted, they just won’t be motivated to share details, engage or have a meaningful conversation where you can glean insights and use that for your revenue advantage. This will impact the effectiveness of your bot long term and also be a wasted effort. 

If you’re using these on social media, then customise the fields to include the user’s name where possible. As you write up the questions and responses your chatbot makes, think about whether it really sounds natural or not. Would you want to talk to them?

Then, it’s all about improving your bots to make them work better and harder for you. When used correctly, they’ll be able to give a personal experience to your user and uplift your conversion rates. For more in depth insights into the affiliate world, be sure to book your ticket to AffiliateFEST. 

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