SportCaller has unveiled new Virgin Bet fan engagement tool

Leading free-to-play (FTP) sports-game provider SportCaller has launched a new game for Virgin Bet. This game aims to increase fan engagement and has been branded as The Ladder. This live-quiz product allows players to collect prizes and free bets when they participate and win.

The Ladder

SportCaller has created a game that is tailored to suit Virgin Bet’s thriving sports base. The live-quiz game requires players to test their football knowledge strength as they answer 10 questions on the site.

Players have 10 seconds to answer and if they get the answers right, they will move up the leaderboard. There are also some power-ups available to give players an extra lifeline.

Prizes are awarded at the start of each weekend to those at the top of the leaderboard. The leaderboards can be viewed at any time, allowing players to check back and brag to their friends on social media. This, in turn, increases engagement across channels which is great for Virgin Bet.

Boosting fan engagement

The main aim of this game is to boost fan engagement on Virgin Bet. This UK operator has noted that The Ladder has already provided spikes in fan engagement with instant acclaim. The game encourages players to stick around for longer and drives repeat visits each week. It is also expected that this will contribute to brand loyalty.

Marketing Director for Virgin Bet, Richard Leask said: “We’re thrilled at The Ladder’s immediate connection with our customers, as they pit their wits against each other on these rapid-fire tests of trivia. SportCaller’s live-quiz configurations are as engaging as they are simple to play, and this has quickly shone through in some impressive weekly repeat-visit rates for the game.”

MD at SportCaller Cillian Barry said: “We’re delighted to both extend and evolve our current collaboration with Virgin Bet by launching The Ladder. This general knowledge live-quiz format has proved particularly popular and versatile for operators and their players, not only during the lockdown but also as sports have returned. The pent-up passion among fans is palpable.”

This latest launch is set to give Virgin Bet a valuable boost as the year comes to a close. Other brands are expected to take note of SportCaller and their excellent software solutions for fan engagement.

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