Lootbox Bonus

SoftSwiss launches Lootbox Bonus

Sports betting supplier SoftSwiss has developed a new offer called the Lootbox Bonus, adding gamification into their bonuses.

As players place bets at SoftSwiss’s sportsbooks, they will accumulate points. Once enough points have been gathered, they will be offered the choice of one of three lootboxes, allowing them the chance to collect up to three free bets.

Lootboxes grew up in the esports industry and are considered to be highly controversial by many. Though they are not considered to be strictly gambling, studies have seen links between lootboxes and problem gambling practices.

Though this type of bonus award is being looked up with caution in other gaming industries, it could be an interesting addition the world of iGaming. Other brands already offer chances to pick up free bets – SoftSwiss has just introduced an element of gamification to it.

The product owner of SoftSwiss, Alexander Kamenetskyi, said: “When developing new bonuses, we always pay attention to market trends and the needs of the players and operators. Gamification is what the market demands right now and it’s one of the key goals for sportsbook.

“Lootbox Bonus is a great addition to the features we have already added to our solution. Moreover, it’s a new bonus type for the betting market, so it’s a double pleasure to offer exclusive tools for our partners and players.”

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