Social media trends affiliates should try in 2021

Social media has boomed this year. Given the events of 2020, this is not that surprising, but Statista has still reported that usage is up by about 21%. As the audience online continues to grow, affiliates should think about how they can best use social media trends to build their presence on these platforms.

Value rules over production quality

You do need to make sure that you are maintaining a high level of quality no matter what, but there is a shift towards value over quality that has to be obeyed. This year has seen many having to step out of professional studios and make do with what they have at home.

Thanks to the wealth of equipment available online, it is fairly easy to make engaging but low-quality content from your own home. The most important thing is that it must have value that the audience will want and appreciate.

A shift in conversational marketing

Many brands nowadays allow us to connect with them directly through social media and other platforms. Conversational marketing is incredibly important, and a brand needs to appear to be warm and welcoming.

We are likely to see a shift in the tone used for conversational marketing in 2021. Whereas it would have been used previously to push promotions and sales, now we will see it being used more for providing education about the product. Above all, affiliates need to make it clear that customers are interacting with another human and not a bot.

Short attention spans on the rise

Attention spans are shrinking on social media. While long-form content can be popular on some platforms such as YouTube, the rise of apps like TikTok and the inclusion of story features on various social media brands like Twitter prove that short bursts of content are the current preference.

Affiliate marketers can take advantage of this type of content in several ways – such as creating limited-time offers or offering sneak peeks behind the scenes. Getting inventive with this type of content creation is going to be key for driving engagement across social media.

Head live

Live broadcasts are becoming bigger than ever before. Many social media platforms allow for some sort of live broadcast now, and the possibilities for content here are endless. From Q&As to brand announcements and more, there are lots of uses for live content that could produce some fantastic engagement for you.

There has also been a massive increase in virtual conferences and events in 2020. This is unlikely to be a trend that we see die down in 2021, so affiliates should be prepared to attend and host a multitude of different events online.

Authenticity is vital

Many regulators are cracking down on advertising standards, and so affiliates must ensure that their compliance is perfect. However, authenticity and compliance are also important for maintaining a relationship with customers too.

Consumers need to know that they are working with brands that they can trust. Social media trends might come and go, but they want to know that the brand they have chosen is authentic, human, and always willing to help them out. Affiliates need to be able to deliver this human element if they want to succeed.

The above five points are likely to be key social media trends we will see emerging in 2021. All affiliates should try to include them in their marketing plans to be able to connect to customers on a new level.

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