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Snapchat is developing a new generative AI feature

In recent months it seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the tech world. This time last year, truly functional AI was a mere pipedream, but now the technology is available at the click of a button, and Snapchat is developing a new generative AI feature as the company looks to take advantage of this exciting new trend.

Back in February, Snapchat launched its own AI chatbot, My AI, which offered a text-based AI experience for users of the multi-media messaging app and was designed in an attempt to emulate the incredible success of other chatbots like ChatGPT.

However, the power of AI doesn’t begin and end with text. The tech has so many more uses, and we’re seeing an increasing number of AI-based image generation tools become available for users.

It would appear that Snapchat is eager to explore all of the possibilities AI can offer, recently confirming that it is developing a new image-based generative AI feature.

Titled ‘Dreams’, this new generative AI feature can take user-uploaded selfies and generate “fantastical” results with them. Details as to what exactly this means are scarce, but it is widely believed that users will be able to incorporate images of themselves into AI-generated virtual reality worlds and environments, perhaps with text prompt options available for creative control and customisation.

If this is true, it could represent a significant step towards more VR-focused products and services for Snapchat. The company has previously utilised augmented reality technology, so a foray into fully-fledged VR may be the next natural step.

While VR and AI are two separate technologies, there are limitless opportunities for integration and collaboration. As two of the most exciting topics in tech today, it’s only natural that companies will be looking to take advantage of both and, with Dreams, it looks like Snapchat is doing exactly that.

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