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Snap releases new report showing the merits of AR for marketing

Snapchat has always been the pioneer of augmented reality or AR, and now they’re proving that the concept has legs with a report featuring AR’s effect on marketing.

As per Snap: “Across 7,500 respondents in US, UK, DE and covering shopper journeys within the Auto, Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion Retail, and Travel verticals, we uncovered how consumer attitudes and behaviours towards brands shift when they imagine themselves going through a shopper journey with AR as a part of it.”

According to the report, consumers are excited about the possibilities that AR could offer. The report points out that AR helps consumers make quicker decisions on what they want to buy and prompts them to purchase more products to try at home.

“For Travel, Snapchatters expect to spend more than they typically would when AR is a part of their travel planning journey. This is because AR helps them be more confident in making decisions about the trip and ultimately planning longer trips by adding travel excursions or other add-ons to the itinerary.”

“Although Snapchat first created Lenses because they were a fun and entertaining way to enhance the way we communicate with our friends and family, the technology has evolved from being just a toy to a fully utilitarian tool that brands can leverage to drive impact for their businesses.”

It seems like Snap’s AR is no longer a gimmick, but a legitimate way to sell items online. Will your brand give it a try?

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