1account – Age Verification: What are an affiliates’ responsibilities?

A greater emphasis has been placed on player safety in the UK market recently, most notably with the credit card ban and the requirement for real-time age verification before deposits can be made on operator sites. In fact, this emphasis on player protection is a growing trend across regulated markets. Many countries have implemented the need for age verification, which must take place before players can access play-for-free games, which are very popular amongst affiliate sites. Conducting age checks in real-time at an early stage qualifies the traffic, allows players to then place a bet immediately once verified, enabling quicker onboarding, deposits and withdrawals with the operators. 

As the primary focus of any gambling affiliate is to generate as many verified players as possible for operators, this new regulatory landscape actually provides an opportunity for affiliates to work more collaboratively with operators, and pass them players who have already been age verified, thus increasing customer conversion and providing better visibility on what traffic sources are working best for you. This has the dual benefit of ensuring operators are fully compliant, while also building stronger relationships and fostering better trust around the data that exists between you and your operator partners.  

Why should Affiliates take note?

As regulations for affiliates could become stricter (according to the UK Gambling Act, which has been under review since February 2020) the ability to provide compliant traffic to operators is vital in forging new partnerships and a more robust commercial offer. The quality of traffic also provides greater earnings through the life-time value of a player. At 1account, we’re already working closely with a number of affiliates to help them verify player traffic with our fast, free and easy-to-use tools. These real-time checks provide affiliates a valuable additional data point, demonstrating the number of players that have gone through age-verification on their site, which contributes to more transparency for both affiliate and operator. 

Who is 1account and how can we help?

Our mission is to help gambling affiliates such as yourselves to take advantage of the new regulatory landscape and ensure you are able to pass fully compliant traffic on to operators. We are invested in building an ecosystem of greater compliance across the gambling industry that will ultimately serve everyone – from operators, to affiliates, while enhancing player safety and allaying regulator fears over the issue of problem gambling. Doing so will enable our vibrant industry to grow, even through the current tough economic climate. Operating in regulated markets is more difficult – but they needn’t be off limits. 1account has a number of exclusive data sources which help to verify more players and thus monetise more legitimate and profitable traffic, even amongst tightly-regulated jurisdictions. It also opens up the UK market, (and many more besides) to affiliates who may have abandoned, or have not been able to utilise this market, due to compliance costs.  

The 1account product range offers one of the most robust age verification and KYC services to gambling affiliates at no cost. It is simple to integrate on any wordpress site and achieves a validation success rate of up to 95% thanks to the multiple data sources we have, including our own database of age verified players.

1account data sources include:

  • Mobile Phone Networks
  • 1account database
  • Electoral roll
  • Credit reference agencies
  • CitizenCard database
  • BT landline database
  • National ID registers
  • Card issuing banks

What next? 

Each month we will deliver new insights right here on Affiverse and share industry analysis and updates, as well as help you get more from your affiliate marketing promotions. We’ll offer expertise to help you build sustainable income from players that you are sending to operators, and we’ll be helping you verify them using our new robust technical solution. 

We’ll be covering in detail everything you need to know about age verification, KYC and how this impacts your affiliate business and earnings. Plus you’ll be able to access our FREE tool and take back potential earnings being left on the table. Tune in each month as we delve a little deeper into why this is such an important consideration for your affiliate business and how you can increase your earning potential with our range of services. 


This promoted content is produced by an advertiser of Affiverse. This is a paid-for Advertorial supplied by 1account, who are based in London and currently operate in the UK, US, Canada and Norway. They are GDPR compliant, ISO27001 certified and compliant in all local laws and regulations. Find out more: www.1account.net/busines

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