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Slot Gods set to shake up the online slot scene with honest review site

Double Up Media, a digital marketing company based in Nottingham, UK, has this week announced the launch of Slot Gods, a brand new affiliate site that focuses on delivering truly honest online slot reviews from a diverse range of slot developers.

The new site launches with over 600 in-depth online slot reviews from more than 30 of the world’s most respected and revered studios, with each review written with the player in mind.

In addition to hundreds of reviews written by passionate online slot enthusiasts, the site will also be home to opinion pieces, breaking industry news and developer biographies, as well as a comprehensive list of online slot sites that offer players fair and generous welcome bonuses.

What exactly is an ‘honest’ review site?

Slot Gods was born out of the desire to see more online slot reviews appear online that actually tell the truth when they evaluate and assess whether a game is worth playing or not.

Too often have online slot affiliates produced sloppy and hastily written reviews as ‘quick wins’ in order to drive additional traffic to their site, all in the hopes of getting more depositors.

Frustratingly, these reviews are usually threadbare and inflate the quality of games tenfold in an attempt to wow players into signing up to a casino through their site so that they can play the game in the hopes of making a fortune.

There’s no disputing that many online slots are well worth the plaudits they receive from many affiliate sites, but too often are certain aspects ignored. Reviewers are often keen to avoid talking about things such as a low RTP or maximum win, instead shouting loudly about a particularly interesting bonus feature, leaving the review with a startling lack of balance.

The passionate team of online slot enthusiasts at Slot Gods look to bring balance to every single online slot review they produce, giving players an accurate and genuinely honest overview of what they can expect from an online slot.

How do Slot Gods review online slots differently to other sites?

When reviewing an online slot the site’s expert playtesters will follow a comprehensive checklist that first sees them take a deep dive into the game itself, playing for a prolonged period of time until they’ve managed to experience everything the game has to offer them, this includes bonus features and any unique mechanics.

The review is essentially broken down into four sections, these are features, design, gameplay and win potential. Rather than provide players with one large cookie cutter answer as to whether a slot is any good or not, each section goes into great detail about every element of the game, and whether they’re worth playing based on these individual elements.

The features section of the review looks at any special mechanics the game possesses as well as the bonus features players can trigger whilst playing. Each bonus feature receives its own individual write up explaining exactly how players can trigger it.

As the name suggests, the design section of the online slot review looks at how visually pleasing a game is, this includes the symbols, game reels and any artwork behind them. This section of the review also takes into account how strong an online slot’s branding is if it’s part of an online slot series, or based on a real-life entity such as Street Fighter II or Gordon Ramsay.

In addition to the above, the reviewer also takes into account a game’s soundtrack, as the team at Slot Gods believe that the audio experience holds just as much weight as everything else.

The gameplay section of the review simply rates how straight-forward a game is to navigate and play, taking into account how easy it is to perform simple tasks such as changing the stake, setting automated spins and accessing the game’s rules and paytable.

Finally, the remainder of the review looks at the win potential of the slot, this is where players can find out all the details regarding volatility, RTP and maximum win potential.

The review is summarised and then each section is given a score out of 10, these scores are then averaged and the slot is given an overall rating which determines whether the slot appears in the best online slots section of the website where the twenty highest rated slots proudly sit.

What are Slot Gods looking to achieve in the long term?

There are many sites out there that essentially hoard a huge portfolio of online slot reviews that look impressive from the outset, but when you dig deeper, they offer very little in the way of substance. Slot Gods vows to be the site that bucks that trend, offering players honest in-depth reviews with a genuine human touch.

Not only does the team behind the site want to ensure that players are put first by providing them with the honest truths about the online slot games out there on the market right now, but they also want to take it as an opportunity to champion the hard-working online slot developers out there that have put countless hours into perfecting their craft.

Just like Hollywood movies and AAA video games, the combined talents of many important people have come together to create our favourite online slots such as Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Moolah, Dead or Alive 2 and Starburst.

We want to loudly and proudly cheer for the developers, mathematicians, artists, sound engineers and other creatives who are responsible for delivering countless hours of fun our way.

In the same vein, Slot Gods also want to pull absolutely no punches when it comes to calling out online slot developers that produce shoddy, copy and paste slots in a bid to make a quick buck.

In the long term, Slot Gods aims to become the one-stop shop for all things related to online slots, whether that be the best online slots, new online slots, online slot series, Megaways slots or progressive jackpot slots. They want to share their love and encyclopedic knowledge of the industry with players in order for them to ultimately have fun playing online slots.

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