Slack launches new short video messaging tool Clips

The popular workspace messaging app Slack has launched a new video messaging tool called Clips to allows users to send short video messages. It will support video messaging, audio messaging, and screen recordings.

A step towards a virtual future

Clips has been designed to allow employees to communicate across time zones and reduce the need for in-person meetings. It will be rolled out on a gradual basis with most paid customers receiving full access to the cutting-edge feature in the coming weeks. Clips will be available for mobile users as well as users of the desktop version of the app. If you are in a channel or direct message with a fellow user, you can play and record Clips of up to three minutes in length. Recipients will be able to watch alongside subtitles as well as receive a transcript of the recording.

Chief Product Officer at Slack, Tamar Yehoshua, said: “We were inspired by how people are using video in consumer apps” he said. “We actually prototyped a lot of different versions of this internally, and now we’ve settled on this as a means of communicating into your work repository.”

A push towards video-based content 

As well as Clips, the company will also expand Slack Connect to allow its Enterprise Grid customers to work with users across the channel regardless of whether or not they are paid customers. As a result of this update, businesses will be able to host external companies at their digital headquarters even if they are not subscribers themselves. This can encourage greater communication between like-minded brands and prevent miscommunication down the line.

By doing so, they join a whole host of major social media networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, in a global push towards promoting video-based content.

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