Skyword and TrackMaven merge to form new content marketing platform

Skyword, the content marketing platform and services company, has announced that it has merged with marketing insights firm TrackMaven.

The firms hope the combination can lead an improved insight into the content planning, creation, and activation process, with the result being greater value for the consumer, a stronger relationship between the consumer and the brand, and saved time and effort.

It is also hoped the merger will accelerate their shared long-term goal of being the world’s leading content marketing platform.

In a statement released on Skyword’s website, founder and CEO Tom Gerace wrote: “When we announced Skyword360, we recognised that we had yet to meet all of the needs of our customers in a few critical areas. Although we could measure how their content performed on their own properties, we couldn’t easily see how it stacked up against their competitors.

“While we could identify key learnings from their own efforts to build best practices, we could not identify the most successful practices employed across their entire industry. When clients asked where their competitors were investing or what their customers will most likely care about in the months ahead, we had to pull intel together periodically from multiple sources instead of providing it—in real time—in ways that enabled marketers to drill down further to answer any question they have.

“Today, we join forces with TrackMaven, the leading marketing insights company that informs many of the world’s leading brands. This merger fills a critical gap in the market, bringing together best-in-class analytics with best-in-class content marketing, enabling marketers to plan and create scalable, multi-channel content experiences that differentiate their brand.”

“The TrackMaven team couldn’t be more thrilled to join with the Skyword team and continue serving our clients in an even more powerful capacity,” added Allen Gannett, founder and CEO of TrackMaven.

“TrackMaven has always been able to show a CMO where he or she is leading the competition or losing ground. Now with Skyword, we can incorporate those insights into the actual content creation workflows, giving marketers the power to create content strategies that win.”

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