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Sky Infotech launches affiliate program with Income Access

Online gaming provider Sky Infotech has launched an affiliate program with the Paysafe-owned marketing and technology services provider Income Access

Income Access’ affiliate software will power the platform, which will be utilised across three different Sky Infotech brands. 

Affiliates will benefit from more comprehensive tracking, in addition to creative assets and other amenities. 

Those who join the program will also have a chance of winning ‘Affiliate of the Year’, which will be determined by the revenue they have generated. 

Supporting further growth 

Sky Infotech was formed in 2017 and operates Bet4Plus, Betbarter and Skylive Casino. Combined, these brands offer a broad range of products within sports betting, casino, bingo and more. 

Key characteristics of the SkyInfoPartners program include the ability for affiliates to leverage sophisticated reporting and tracking, enabling them to make better-informed marketing decisions through the use of data. Various custom creatives, tailored for specific affiliates and events, will also be made available. 

In addition to the above, SkyInfoPartners’ 24/7 support team will help affiliates to solve any problems that may arise with both speed and efficiency. 

SkyInfoPartners COO Andrew Marthers expressed his excitement at the possibility of future growth using the Income Access platform. He told Affiverse the following. 

“We’re looking forward to expanding the reach of our brands through this new partnership with Income Access.

“Combining the reliability of their affiliate reporting technology and the excitement around our dynamic selection of products will position the SkyInfoPartners programme for significant long-term growth.” 

Plenty of promotional opportunities for affiliates 

All three of the previously-mentioned Sky Infotech brands will be promotable via the Income Access-powered affiliate program. This includes the esports markets that Bet4Plus offers, such as Call of Duty and League of Legends, in addition to its traditional sports betting capabilities. Betbarter has a betting exchange platform, which complements its sports betting and casino offerings. Meanwhile, Skylive Casino’s complementary games support its main casino product. 

Members of the SkyInfoPartners program will enjoy flexible commission schemes. Each of these will be negotiated on the basis of individual needs and performance. Alongside tailored CPA models, a revenue share of up to 40% will be made available. 

Tara Wilson, SVP and General Manager for Paysafe’s Income Access, spoke about partnering with Sky Infotech.

“We’re very happy to partner with Sky Infotech and support the launch of the SkyInfoPartners programme,” she said. 

“It’s always exciting to work with a team that’s committed to creating quality products and satisfying the needs of its customers.” 

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