SKS365 utilises Wiraya customer interaction software for Italian market focus

Sports betting operator SKS365 has announced the roll out of Wiraya’s automated customer interactions software for its core planetwin365 brand, with an initial focus on the Italian market.
It is hoped that this approach will deliver an enhanced customer experience and generate increased conversion rates. The investment in player communication and retention is a positive development for affiliates, as it means that traffic sent to planetwin365 will now be more valuable.
“We have always tried to have a player-centric culture, and we wanted to make all our customer communication points as personal as possible, which means that it goes beyond the traditional, non-targeted mass marketing messages that so many operators use for attack players,” explains Adalbert Wisniewski, Head of Sales Operations for SKS365.
“While improving the experience for our players, ultimately using Wiraya we can build intelligence in our systems and target the right players to increase the customer’s lifetime value for the company.”
Wiraya iGaming Director Hampus Lindberg added: “There is a real challenge now for iGaming operators. A combination of tighter rules, increased competition and greater expectations from customers means that the customer experience will be the most important way to differentiate your brand. In Italy, in particular, a ban on advertising makes the need to focus on existing player loyalty, more important than ever.”
“With this is mind, combining planetwin365’s fun in game experience with engaging player communication, we think is a really pretty powerful combination. This not only delivers a positive experience for players, but ultimately increases deposits for planetwin365.”

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