Skores CEO and Co-founder Christian De Cailleux – The mobile revolution in the consumption of sports

Ahead of this Summer’s World Cup, CEO and Co-founder of award-winning sports media platform Skores, Christian De Cailleux explained to SBC how there is a ‘revolution’ taking place within the way fans and punters consume sports.


SBC: As football coverage continues to expand, do you anticipate Russia 2018 is going to be the most mobile based World Cup yet?

Christian De Cailleux: For sure, Russia 2018 will be the most mobile based World Cup we have seen. In 10 years, the usage of our app has continued to change at a fast pace. Whereas, football fans used to source football information solely from a desktop, they now have transferred onto mobile, from our perspective, at the last World Cup mobile represented more than 50% of our total traffic, at Russia 2018, we anticipate it will represent more than 95%.

Skores has managed to successfully adapt to a mobile platform, with a successful application for  IOS and Android. Recently, we won the 2017 award for best Mobile Reputation and have been ranked number one within the top 30 media apps in the French market, this is something we are very proud of.

SBC: Do you feel this is indicative of the way football coverage is changing around the World?

CDC: Yes, something that’s especially, but not only the case for millennials is that more and more football fans like to be informed by the online media, with the development of mobility and the increase of bandwidth, there is currently a real mobile revolution in sports media. Something that has been driven by sports fans with a desire for real time sports data and information (live scores, stats, news etc.), as well as video content that they can share with their friends on social media.

It’s significant that among the top applications downloaded by users, sports scores apps is ranked third just behind games and social media. At Skores, throughout the years we have invested a lot to develop a 360° Sport Media, to ensure we deliver the ultimate amount of sports information in real time, that’s easily accessible on mobile  and on Social media. This content has to be relevant and in real time, we deliver news, video content, live scores, odds comparison, stats, tips etc, it’s something we like to call “THE ULTIMATE FAN ZONE.”

SBC: As a renowned sports media platform, what can you do to stand out at Russia 2018?

CDC: Skores has a unique position because we have developed a real Media 360° for Sports fans with over 100 Million visits per month, 3,5 Million Sports fans on Facebook, 130 millions video views and 600 Million Impressions per month, Skores offers extensive real time sports information to its users. No other Affiliate has reached these volumes on each digital channel.

On mobile, our app is currently thriving, it’s available in seven languages and has been meticulously redesigned to become easier and more enjoyable to navigate through, furthermore we have also evolved the app by adding an efficient search function, new complete in-depth team records, enhanced videos and additional statistics.

As well as this, we also released a voice-over function and gave our consumers the opportunity  to pay to utilise the app without advertisements, we also further detailed how the app can be customised by allowing the user to select preferences such as, favourite teams and competitions, a feature that makes it a 100% on-demand product.

Furthermore, with a view to increase the real time information and data that we deliver to our consumers, we will add  new content in the next few days: Daily football news (match previews, rumours, transfer news, tips etc.). This will allow us to provide the complete app for sports fans.

To conclude, we believe that the modern sports fan desires a product with real time information, currently all our investment is designed to make our product the quickest on the market in terms of loading on mobile and on web, it’s our ambition to be the quickest to send mobile notifications of goals and other key match highlights.


The Betting industry’s relationship with Football and the way it is consumed will be discussed at the ‘Betting on Football 2018’ (#bofcon2018) conference. Click on the below banner for more information.

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