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Single-event sports betting bill backed by Canadian Government

The Canadian Government is on track to introduce a bill covering the legalisation of single-event sports betting.

This follows on from an original bill that was introduced earlier by Kevin Waugh MP. Bill C2-18, otherwise known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act will be reworked and introduced to the Minister of Justice as an amendment to Canada’s current Criminal Code.

For now, sports betting is only legal if bets are placed simultaneously on at least three or more games. Players will now be given the option to bet on just a single sporting event, if they so choose.

This will give them more freedom to create bets that work for them, while also encouraging players to place them through the approved and regulated companies rather than some of the unregulated options that claim to offer solutions in Canada.

These changes also follow on from some that are happening at a provincial level. With Ontario moving to introduce a more liberalised iGaming market, the other provinces of Canada might also look into some of the changes they can make.

The introduction of single-event sports betting will be a brilliant move for Canada, especially given the sporting events lining up in 2021. The introduction of a well-regulated market will allow more and more Canadians to undertake sports betting safely, as we can see across other regulated jurisdictions around the world.

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