SiGMA 2019: Affiliate marketing trends to look out for

As this year’s Malta iGaming Summit (SiGMA) approaches, everybody’s eager to share their latest insights on the iGaming industry. The three days on the Southern European island will no doubt reveal plenty of exciting new innovations coming our way, too.

And what about affiliate marketing? Plenty has changed since last year’s event. From responsible gambling to campaign retargeting, here are some of the big current trends.

Responsible gambling 

This year’s Responsible Gambling Week highlighted growing demands for ensuring player safety. And this isn’t just down to operators – affiliates are expected to play a part too. We’ve seen various initiatives launched, such as Better Collective investing in Mindway AI‘s problem detection tool. BetBlocker was also recently listed as a UK charity.

As the online gambling industry continues to place further importance on responsible gambling, we can expect the topic to be discussed further at SiGMA. And when you consider the emphasis being put on cross-industry collaboration, this is even more likely.


Regulation is evolving everywhere you look. New US states seem to be regulating sports betting quicker than you can say ‘iGaming’, while Argentina’s Buenos Aires province passing related bills could also be an affiliate opportunity and topic for discussion.

And then there’s the Kenya tax tribunal. Will SportPesa and Betin return? Will the country’s authorities be successful in their appeal? These, plus Spanish operators’ voluntary gambling ad code and the Dutch market’s delayed opening are possible talking points.

Smarter marketing 

It seems as though digital marketing never has a moment to breathe, before something else changes. Social media platforms are always either adding new features or changing their algorithms, while methods such as emailing remain important too. Instagram’s decision to test the global removal of likes might get some people talking, as could the testing of Facebook’s ‘Popular Photos‘ feature.

Meanwhile, the rising cost of channels such as in-app advertising has led to more marketers thinking about how they can be wise with their spending. For example, some are analysing which markets are high-volume but unsaturated. In an online world that gets noisier every day, discussing ways to stand out becomes more important.

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