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Should marketers worry about a Twitter crash?

Social Media Today, along with various other publications, is asking a question about Twitter’s future that the rest of us have been avoiding: will Twitter crash?

In an article, Social Media Today asked: “Will Twitter make it through the next week, as World Cup discussion increases server demand?”

“Right now, Twitter is operating with 36% of the staff it had been before Elon Musk took over at the app – maybe even less given Musk’s latest firings in its sales department. Twitter has reportedly gone from 7,500 staff in September to around 2,700 now, and many former staffers have warned that the app could crash, potentially forever, as a result of increased strain.”

The article cites various problems occurring on Twitter due to the fact that there is far less staff dealing with the everyday running of the platform. These problems include the breaking of the copyright system, which saw people uploading full movies and TV shows to the site without a problem, private tweets getting exposed to the world, and general bugs scattered throughout the site.

But the really disturbing aspect is the advertising bugs. Marketers are having trouble maintaining their social media campaigns with bugs involved in logging into the Ads manager, to ad placement and performance. But that is small beans next to the reports that their ads are being displayed alongside “hardcore antisemitism and adult spam”, and were not taken down despite being reported.

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