Shopify teams up with Cloudinary to improve engagement and sales

Many businesses which deal in product sales use Shopify as a way to monetise their website and the platform’s latest partnership looks to provide an even better customer experience. Shopify have paired up with app Cloudinary, which is a media management tool that allows businesses to improve their customer experience by reducing image weight and compressing videos to make load times significantly faster.

So, what does this mean for Shopify users? Shopify merchants already have various tools on the website to customise their user experience as they wish and the addition of Cloudinary helps to make this more seamless and professional.

Gary Ballabio, the VP of Technology Partnerships at Cloudinary had the following to say:

“We know that delivering a fast and flawless digital experience is crucial for any business selling online. In today’s visual economy, visual media plays an increasingly important role in a seller’s ability to connect and engage with customers – and can make or break the experience if not managed and delivered in the most optimal way possible. With Cloudinary, Shopify merchants can automatically create better user experiences for their customers without the heavy lifting that otherwise comes with managing visuals at the scale required to compete.”

It seems that these new updates and features will be welcomed by both companies and customers alike and we could start to see this sort of technology being integrated into other platforms too.

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