SEO: What makes a good link?

For any affiliate hoping to drive traffic to their site, SEO is one of the key strategies. Of course, there are a lot of elements that make up a good SEO strategy and if you don’t really know how each one works – how can you expect to pull it off?

When working on a link building strategy or adding links to your website, you need to make sure that the links you are focusing on are good. So, what makes a good link? Here are some of the things to consider.


If you decide to make use of any kind of link building service, you’ll notice just how much importance they place on domain authority. This makes total sense because realistically – what is the point in paying for a link to your website to be placed on another site that has a lower authority level than yours? You should always be looking into domain authority before placing a link. There are some great tools that you can use to help determine this like SEMrush.


It can be tempting to place links to your website on sites that appear to have high authority but if they are not relevant to what you are offering, you aren’t going to have as much luck as you think. The truth is that Google can identify when something is relevant and when it is not. So, when choosing sites to place your links on, you must look into the relevancy and consider this just as high a priority as the authority is.

Anchor text

The anchor text that you use when creating your link is also very important if you want to make sure that the link is considered good by Google. Often, affiliates don’t put much thought at all into the anchor text, but this can be a big mistake. The anchor text needs to be succinct and relevant to the page that it is linking to. If your anchor text is targeting a totally different keyword than Google will find on the page, it isn’t going to have the desired effect. Additionally, your anchor should not be generic, and you should avoid making it overly keyword heavy.

Follow Vs No follow

Finally, it is important that you understand the difference between follow and no follow links before you get involved in link building. A follow link is one that counts as a point and offers SEO link juice. This can help to boost the page ranking of the site that is being linked to. In comparison, a no follow link does not offer any kind of ranking boost and it won’t help with your placement in SERPs. There are advantages to both of these kinds of links when it comes to SEO.

Read up on it…

Unless you have an unlimited marketing budget that you are willing to throw away on links, you should spend some time learning about this strategy before getting stuck in. It isn’t just about placing links on sites that you’ve heard of – some sites aren’t actually as good as they look. Use your budget wisely and soon, you’ll be driving that organic traffic.

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