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Second Digital Marketing Mixer to be hosted on 30th June

Following a successful inaugural event last month, affiliate marketing expert Lee-Ann Johnstone will be hosting a second Digital Marketing Mixer on 30th June. 

The Zoom-hosted party, which received fond reviews from delegates, will take place between 16:00 and 18:00 BST. 

Affiliates, digital marketers, technology providers, agencies and more are brought together for speed networking and so that they can virtually promote their products and services. Over 150 digital and affiliate marketing and iGaming professionals attended the last event hosted on 22nd May. 

“A key event” 

The Digital Marketing Mixer is designed to provide an open platform where professional and social networking can take place at no cost and enjoyed within a relaxed, virtually hosted atmosphere. 

The Digital Marketing Mixer has helped delegates to support new business and continued lead generation within the affiliate industry. 

Event host Lee-Ann Johnstone, spoke about the benefits of attending and had the following to say, “The Digital Marketing Mixer is a key event for digital and affiliate marketing businesses to get better-connected during these uncertain times. 

“My objective is simple. Bring people together to talk, collaborate and ensure new business and services opportunities continue to sell and thrive. 

“I have created this free networking event for everybody in the affiliate industry to benefit from and help to get new business deals done.”

Positive reviews

Hosted in collaboration with, iBet Directory and in collaboration with Affiverse, the first Digital Marketing Mixer was very well-received. 

Sue Dawson from said  “The toughest part of the conference experience to replicate online was always going to be those oh-so-important conversations in the bar and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself having such conversations at this event”.

Meanwhile, iBet Directory Founder Lloyd Richman referred to the Mixer as a “great concept that worked very well”. He also said that it “offered all delegates the option to contribute unlike other webinars and conferences”, while praising the mixture of personalities and brands in attendance. 

In addition to potential business opportunities, the Digital Marketing Mixer will offer a range of networking games and speed selling challenges. For more information about the event and what to expect you can watch the event video 

Anybody working in the affiliate industry is welcome to attend this event, whether you’re an agency, affiliate, consultant or operator. Simply RSVP for free here.

If you have a product, service or program promotion you’d like to advertise at this  next event, please contact Lee-Ann Johnstone directly to discuss participation and collaboration.

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