Scientific Games become founding partner of All-In Diversity Project

Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS) (“Scientific Games” or the “Company”) is creating an inclusive global gaming industry, as founding member of the All-In Diversity Project. The non-profit organisation which creates tools to advance the industry’s diversity, inclusion and equality within the workplace.
Scientific Games Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Katherine Anderson said: “Gaming is evolving and growing more than ever, and it’s crucial that the industry embraces the diverse and unique people who contribute to the gaming world.
“Scientific Games is proud to be founding partner of this trailblazing project and celebrates the offers being made to create an inclusive environment with opportunities for all.”
As founding member of the All-In Diversity Project, Scientific Games will work collaboratively with additional partners to determine diversity, equity and inclusion to establish global standards.
Scientific Games will proudly participate in dialogue with other members of the All-In Diversity Project, reference the benchmarks created to track the industry’s progress and reflect on its own current state in order to enhance areas of diversity and inclusion.
Through an array of events, programs and surveys conducted in a partnership with gaming industry operators and suppliers, the All-In Diversity Project will be central data resource, while offering impactful tools that create inclusive products, policies and teams.
Kelly Kehn, co-founder of the All-in Diversity Project, said: “It’s fantastic to have Scientific Games become a founding member of the All-in Diversity Project. We are so proud to add an organization who doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ but is proactively open to collaboration and discussion around developing best practices which help to address key challenges that we face not only in the gaming industry, but across all industries.”

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