Sarah Sangster – Sangster Digital – “Video is the future of consumer content”

The world of online content is evolving at an alarming rate, and at times it’s easy to feel like you’re being left behind. Sarah Sangster, digital marketing specialist and head of Sangster Digital, hosted a workshop as part of yesterday’s Affiverse Bootcamp, where she discussed the latest trends, hacks and conversation tactics deployed to create engaging content. Read an excerpt from Sangster’s speech, entitled ‘The Social Media Hacks Workshop’, below:

Video is great

“Video is so important with any digital marketing that you do because that’s how people want to consume content. We are moving into a consumer market where people are very busy and very lazy when it comes to consuming content.

“By watching videos they don’t really have to think about it – they can just sit back and enjoy it. It’s so important that when you are doing any of your content moving forward that you have an element of video. It doesn’t have to be physical video – as in you behind a camera, or you filming something – it can be slides.”

But live broadcasting is better

“Video is great, but even better than that is to actually broadcast. Therefore you’d not only be able to do the video side, but you’d also be able to gauge reactions. And anyone can broadcast, anywhere in the world, just on your smartphone. So for those of you that want to focus on sporting activities, the best thing to do is broadcast yourself.

“Every platform wants video, and algorithms are weighed heavily into video, so whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, search engines, they all favour video, so if you’re not doing video on social media then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to really work your audience to the best of your ability.”

Have a structure

“Not only have a structure in your videos but have a structure in your campaigns. Where are you taking people with your videos? Incorporate that into your video. What’s the next step you want them to do? It’s important you have as many microconversions in your videos as possible, so you’re asking people to interact, so you’re asking them to do something. Don’t ask them to say yes or no, ask them for a keyword.”

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