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Safer Gambling tools in Sweden and Denmark

Following success in the UK since autumn 2021, LeoVegas Group is launching personalised messaging in the Swedish and Danish markets to help point customers to safer gambling tools. These messages will pop up on-screen to inform customers about the variety of safer gambling tools available to them.

On-site messaging has been shown to increase customer engagement with safer gambling tools, and as a result, develops a more sustainable customer relationship. These moves are especially valuable for customers who are identified as being at risk of developing harmful gambling behaviours and have shown to lower or maintain deposit limits for these customers.

LeoVegas Group’s plan involves identifying potentially at-risk customers using artificial intelligence and then using personalised messaging to provide them with safer gambling tools as well as encouragement to set limits themselves. Depending on a customer’s individual history and gambling behaviour, the content and urgency of messages may vary, and messages will be given a prominent place on gaming pages, taking the place of new games and promotions.

The CEO of LeoVegas group, Gustaf Hagman, said: “We are thrilled that our on-site messaging has proven successful in the UK – not only in driving engagement with our safer gambling tools but also by having a positive effect on customer behaviour and helping to drive forward our quest for more sustainable customer relationships. By rolling this feature in Sweden and Denmark, we will continue to make gambling at LeoVegas Group even safer.”

This service is now available in Sweden and Denmark on Expeky, LeoVegas and GoGo Casino brands, in addition to all brands in the UK. These services are planning to be integrated into additional markets very soon.

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