"Running a successful affiliate program in Kenya is achievable," says BetLion director

BetLion has targeted increased brand reach across Kenya, the second target territory for its jackpot-focused sports betting product, after launching a new affiliate program with Income Access.
The operator’s Group Operations Director Peter Stagles admitted that “affiliate marketing hasn’t been huge” so far in Kenya, in part because of the penal tax situation in the country.
However, the recent increases in betting maturity and smartphone penetration – paired with the recent reduction of betting operators’ tax from 35% of gross gambling revenues (GGR) to 15% – has brought about a new marketing opportunity for BetLion Kenya.
Stagles explained: “Running a successful affiliate program in Kenya is achievable, just so long as it’s based upon net gaming revenues (NGR) and the correct GGR to NGR deduction is apportioned. This ensures that a longstanding workable relationship can be sustained.”
Affiliate partners in Kenya, where players often display a propensity for placing large pre-match football multiples, can appeal to this betting strategy through multiple-based loyalty initiatives and by highlighting BetLion’s ‘Second Chance’ promotion.
“Large pre-match football multiples are commonplace among our Ugandan players and we see a synergy in Kenya too,” said Stagles. “These type of bets with customers winning much bigger amounts but with less volume negates some of the challenges of the stake aspect of withholding tax.”

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