Rightlander secures new software agreements with Trustly and Footstock


Leading supplier of industry marketing compliance tools, Rightlander, has recently secured new software agreements with Trustly and Footstock. Rightlander has established itself as an industry leader in affiliate compliance software and so these latest partnerships are an excellent move for both companies.

A Full Suite of Compliance Tools

Rightlander aims to provide the Footstock football trading platform and Trustly instant payments with a full suite of compliance tools that will help them to manage all responsible advertising duties effectively.  This will span across the UK and further jurisdictions, helping both companies to optimise their affiliate marketing platforms.

Head of Customer Success at Rightlander, Nicole Mitton said of the agreements: “The Rightlander platform makes this process easy and efficient and ensures operators and suppliers can be confident that the affiliates they are working with are fully compliant with the rules and regulations they must adhere to.”

Rightlander will also provide Trustly and Footstock with a Proactive Affiliate Finder, PPC Monitor and its Automated Compliance Monitor. These tools will benefit both parties in locating outdated offers, missing terms and conditions and ensuring complete compliance.

A Compliant Future Ahead

Chief Marketing Officer at Footstock, James Copeland said: “Rightlander are a key component in our ongoing endeavour to ensure Footstock and our growing affiliate network take responsible gambling as seriously as possible.”

Director of Gaming at Trustly added: “At Trustly, we take responsible gambling very seriously, and it’s great to have a trusted partner like Rightlander that can help us promote it.”

These agreements are set to come into action this Autumn meaning that before long, Trustly and Footstock will have optimised affiliate marketing platforms which are fully compliant. It won’t be long before other companies within the industry do the same.

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