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Rightlander partners with Awin to accelerate growth into new markets

A new partnership between affiliate and advertising compliance experts, Rightlander and business intelligence agency Awin has come to fruition, resulting in a product enhancement that aims to support businesses who are looking to grow in new markets such as affiliate networks and platforms, digital agencies, Forex, telecommunications, and utilities.

This move comes after Rightlander’s successful stint in iGaming, where they proved their hand at dealing with customer challenges, marketing regulations, and partner guidelines. Their perseverance for honest marketing and experience in customer acquisition channels which marketers rely on to get their traffic from, such as websites, social media, search engines, and email.

Along with Awin and the input of other leading brands in the sector, Rightlander has created a new portal which is designed to aid clients in reviewing and rectifying marketing infractions that Rightlander has detected.

The new modular portal allows Rightlander’s clients to not only discover and monitor accurate and compliant marketing continuously across the globe but also compartmentalize and prioritise by business objective and marketing channel, such as website, social media, PPC ads, video streaming, email, etc. The portal will also offer a list of API integrations that will deliver data to the systems of the clients.

The goal is to offer targeted scanning by frequency, either daily, weekly, monthly, etc., or by compliance issues, such as required Terms and Conditions or prohibited text, with technology that is on the very edge of innovation in an attempt to reduce false positives, lower the amount of time spent on checking infractions and streamlining the remediations process.

Who is Rightlander?

Launched in 2018, Rightlander.com and its advertising and affiliate compliance platform have grown into a worldwide business, with its platform being used by high profile merchants, operators, and affiliate networks across the globe.

Ian Sims, the founder of Rightlander.com, said “Having the opportunity to fine-tune our product with such a high profile partner has been fantastic. The evolving nature of affiliate marketing and the emergence of influencers, coupled with an ever-increasing array of regulations and advertising marketing guidelines in different consumer verticals has heaped a huge compliance workload on marketing teams.

“Awin put Rightlander through a 6-month trial period before selecting us as their marketing compliance partner and we’re delighted that our monitoring software has saved them so much time and helped them to resolve so many more compliance issues.”

Who is Awin?

Awin is a business growth network with 21 years of experience in offering insights on business operations, technology, and audiences. With 17 offices worldwide, over 1,200 employees, and 21,200 advertisers, Awin connects businesses with customers across the retail, telecommunications, travel, and financial industries.

“No matter what type of partner, level of service, or tools your business needs, Awin provides solutions to drive sustainable growth.”

Alex Parmar-Yee, UK Strategy Lead at Awin, said “We chose to work with Rightlander to enhance our ability to carry out publisher audits based on the requirements of individual advertisers. It was important to have a partner who was able to accommodate the wide variety of needs from our clients relating to areas such as content accuracy, offer intelligence, and exposure monitoring. The tools provided have allowed our client teams to carry out important housekeeping more efficiently so that even more focus can be dedicated to strategy and account management.”

What does this mean for marketing?

Compliance is an important aspect of marketing that is often overlooked, especially in industries like iGaming where it’s important that the industry is well regulated for the sake of the customer. Ethics around advertising, especially for controversial products like gambling, gaming, alcoholic beverages, etc. are constantly evolving, and it can take an entire team to stay on top of all the changes that could affect your marketing campaign.

But it’s a thorn in the side of every marketing department. In streamlining the concept, making it almost automatic, and a lot easier to inflict changes, businesses can spend less time and money trying to adhere to compliance and regulations. Overall, marketing departments can spend less time and money on regulations and the fines that come with a lack of compliance.

If you’re interested in using the Rightlander advertising and affiliate marketing platform, you can find it at Rightlander.com.

If you’re interested in finding out more about affiliate and social media marketing, take a look at our blog for all the latest insights, or for more personalized advice, book a free call with a member of our team. But if you really want to get the most up-to-date and expert advice on affiliate marketing, you can still get tickets to our virtual Elevate Summit, which will offer you over 14 hours of content with expert advice around marketing from experts at the height of their careers.

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