Rightlander links up with Kindred Affiliates

Rightlander, the affiliate landing page tracker, has partnered with Kindred Affiliates, in a move aimed to help the operator strengthen affiliate compliance and boost its responsible gambling measures.

The technology scans any website and builds a list of locations where an operator’s brand is referenced or linked to.

It follows each link to its final destination on the website and records data including affiliate tags, anchor text and creative materials being used to link to the brand.

This will help Kindred Affiliates monitor affiliate websites linking to all of its brands, including Unibet, 32Red and Roxy Palace, allowing the program to further confirm the affiliates sending traffic to its sites are acting responsibly.

The platform also allows Kindred Affiliates to set “compliance alerts” that notify both the program and any Rightlander-registered affiliate automatically when specific criteria defined by the operator is found on affiliate websites during scans.

By using Rightlander, Kindred Affiliates is taking additional steps to ensure the affiliates sending traffic to its websites are complying with supplier agreements and corporate values.

Ian Sims, Founder of Rightlander, told Affiverse: “Compliance is changing the landscape for both operators and affiliates working in regulated markets. It is having a massive effect on the operator/affiliate relationship with operators demanding a lot more professionalism from affiliates and is bringing the two sides closer together.

“The days of business relationships built solely on traffic volume in these markets are dwindling fast. The starting point now is very much about trust and Kindred are one of the companies leading the way.”

Ryan Henderson of Kindred Affiliates added: “As a licensed operator in multiple jurisdictions, Kindred Group puts Responsible Gambling and Sustainability at the very core of our business. Our affiliate partners are expected to share these values, while remaining compliant with the regulations and rules issued by the relevant authorities.

“Rightlander adds an additional layer of oversight to our existing processes. The technology provides automated reporting that allows the Kindred Affiliates team to quickly identify where and how our Brands are being promoted, ensuring that all partners are aligned in their marketing approach.”

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