Rightlander launches Telegram Monitoring Tool

In response to client requests, affiliate compliance specialists Rightlander have developed and launched a monitoring tool for instant messenger service Telegram.

As more and more affiliates turn to platforms like Telegram to promote their brands, so must there be tools in place to help them adhere to any regulatory rules they must remain compliant with.

The Rightlander Telegram Monitoring Tool is designed to notify operators when their affiliates are talking about their brand. It is capable of detecting text, affiliate links, and emojis used. These matching Telegrams are then sent to Rightlander clients through a specially designed Compliance Workbench, giving them the chance to review and remediate posts as they need to.

Though it is currently set up for the Spanish, Brazilian, and Romanian markets amongst others, the tool should be able to be configured for as many countries and jurisdictions as required.

Founder of Rightlander, Ian Sims, said: “Affiliates have been getting ever more resourceful as they deal with stricter regulation and the consolidation of larger affiliates through M&A. One of the key regulatory requirements placed on operators is to know their sources of traffic, and this is ultimately why so many top operators use Rightlander. Adding Telegram to our affiliate compliance monitoring is just the latest development in an ongoing process to help companies avoid regulatory penalties and protect their brand’s reputation.”

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